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Disagreements and conflicts are a common and natural part of commercial interaction and most often rooted in human factors such as poor communication, misunderstandings and mistrust combined with conflicting interests and unwillingness to focus on the interests of the counterpart. Factors that make it difficult for the parties involved to focus on the best commercial solution when disputes and conflicts arise. Greater awareness of how we act in conflict and what tools to use when disputes and conflicts arise can help to reduce the costs and consequences of conflicts in commercial matters.

Thomas speaker

Greater awareness of how we act in conflict can help to reduce the costs and consequenses of disputes and create the necessary basis for resolving the conflicts as they arise.

At CPH Mediation & Negotiation we are full-time mediators and attorneys-at-law specialised in the field of mediation, negotiation and dispute resolution.

We teach how to prevent the disputes and conflicts that can arise in commercial matters and internally in companies, how to reduce the number of disputes and conflicts and how to best handle disputes and conflicts when they arise.

We give courses on how to prepare and advice on mediation aimed at organisations, companies, lawyers and in-house lawyers to give insight into the mediation process as well as to equip the participants with the necessary tools to provide their members, clients and decision makers with the most optimal advice and support before and during mediations.