Mediation is modern, quick and effective way of resolving commercial disputes out of court and in complete confidentiality.

Whether there are two or more parties the aim is to resolve the dispute through dialogue and negotiation aiming at reaching a solution tailored to the interests and needs of the parties.
No matter how complex the dispute may be or how many parties may be involved.

The process is highly flexible and tailor made for the parties involved


The mediator is neutral and impartial and helps the parties to identify the relevant issues, discuss individual interests and needs and finally help the parties to reach an common agreement instead of letting a judge or arbitrator make the decision.

The goal is to jointly find solutions based on the parties’ interests and needs and not just legal norms to reach better and more commercially oriented solutions than what can be achieved through legal proceedings.

The process of mediation is highly flexible and tailor made for the parties involved. It allows them to maintain control, move forward quickly and effectively, reducing costs and at the same time focusing on future collaboration rather than on past disagreements.

At CPH Mediation & Negotiation we are full-time mediators and attorneys-at-law specialised in the field of mediation, negotiation and dispute resolution. We have extensive experience with conducting mediations and with organizing mediationprocesses to suit the needs of the parties and the circumstances in general.

Our mediation services include traditional in-person mediation and on-line mediation.

In Danish-Swedish cross-boarder disputes we offer co-mediation to bridge the language- and culturel barriers. For more info about cross-boarder co-mediation we refer to the article: “Co-mediation in a cross-boarder context“.

We also offer co-mediation or mediation teams where there is a need for more than one mediator, special expertise or language skills for instance in cross-border disputes. Through our extensive international mediator network we can help handpick the right team to help you find the right solution to your dispute.