Negotiation is the basis of most commercial agreements. However often things do not turn out as expected. Often you need to adjust the agreements and align expectations. Sometimes you need to renegotiate to avoid disputes and conflicts and sometimes you need to get back to the negotion table to find the commercially right solution to avoid ending up in legal proceedings in court or arbitration.

Good negotiations require thorough preparation and skilled assistance to reach the best results.

Commercial disagreements, disputes and conflicts are most often rooted in human factors, such as poor communication, misunderstandings and mistrust combined with conflicting interests and unwillingness to focus on the interests of the other party. All factors that make it more difficult for the disputing parties to find the best commercial solution.


Often minor unsolved problems pile up and frustration over unresolved disagreements leads to disputes becoming “matters of principle” that can only be solved by attourneys through lengthy and costly legal procedings in court or in arbitration.

However most companies rarely have a commercial interest in leaving business decisions to a judge or an arbitrator and commercial conflicts are rarely principled. And the time and money spend on legal proceedings seldom have any commercial value.

At CPH Mediation & Negotiation we are full-time mediators and attorneys-at-law specialised in the field of mediation and interest based negotiations. We belive that the best solutions are based on well prepared and well conducted negotiations and/or mediations. Not only do you need to bring the right decision makers to the negotiation table, but also advisors with the right negotiation mindset.

We have an extensive experience with negotiation assistance and mediation advocacy. Having assisted clients both in the role as mediators and as attorneys/meditator advocates in numerous negotiations and mediations we know how to help optimizing the negotiations, so you can reach the best commercial result without going to court or arbitration.